About Us

Hello and welcome!
We are Oshra and Lhasa Peterson. WE stand behind this creation of the blue house, the house in the Oaks, and the Jasmine house, and in general of our common life, which as we say is not exactly up to the accepted standard.

We live and raise our children in a small house that we built together here on the mountain in Amirim, and it is one such house in constant development… The surrounding yard is large and in it, in addition to the natural grove, we cultivate fruit trees, a vegetable garden, and a nursery. Along with our mares, dogs, cats, chickens, and compost worms. A small farm in the spirit of permaculture.

We have 3 rural guesthouses we do all the planning and construction with our own hands using the same approach.
We feel that together we are making dreams come true and creating our piece of paradise here when the ambition is to create a diverse system that supports and nourishes itself.

In 2018 we opened our place for hospitality in order to share and allow more people to enjoy the magic that takes place here, and to get to know life close to the earth, out of simplicity, harmony, and preservation of nature.

Happy to grow together and do good things in the world!